Let “The Cordobes Patios” delight your senses

“Tour of the Cordobes Patios, an Arabic bath and massage at the Hammam and a traditional supper”.

The Cordobes Patios are part of the cultural World Heritage. The typical Cordobes houses were built to withstand the extreme climate of inland Spain, adapted to the cold and rain of winter, as well as the severe heat of summer. The homes were built around a central patio with either a well or a fountain in the middle. The muslims constructed their houses with a separate entrance hall that opened out onto the street. Here, they would tend to deliveries and visitors alike, maintaining the privacy of the interior building. A fresh, cool atmosphere was created in the patios, by using a combination of the combination of water and vegetation. This tradition still prevails today in the existing Cordobes Patios.

Guided and Interpreted Itinerary of the Cordobes Patios The most typical and popularly visited patios are those of the communal houses “casas de vecinos” – separate homes sharing a central patio. Nowadays, these houses are few and far between. They are generally two storey houses, with balconies, stairways and awnings that enrich the beauty of the patio. The floors are normally paved and less sophisticated than the single-family houses, given that these communal buildings were usually inhabited by those of more humble means. A well is more frequently seen than a fountain in these homes, along with communal laundry and washing areas. These are the patios that we will visit on our tour: Experience: Guided tour of the patios of San Basilio.

Arabic bath and Massage: Bathe in history and enjoy the Hammam, a place to rest the body and soul, where water, light, colours, scents and peace combine to offer you a unique personal experience.

A Culinary Experience: We invite you to enjoy a most pleasant supper and to taste the flavours of our local and seasonal produce. By using ancient recipes that have recently been rediscovered, we offer you a most genuine and authentic meal.


Nature Lovers: Start of the experience: 18:00 at the Tourist Information Point of the Alcazar Palace of the Christian Monarchy ( el Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos)



Arabic Bath and Massage: ( We recommend you bring your own bathing suit) Traditional Cordobes Supper



When: All year, 7 days a week. Collection at your hotel ( optional) : 17:30 Includes: Guide/host throughout the whole tour.


Arabic Bath and Maassage

Experience the Taste of Local Cordobés Products


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