Cordoba Incoming invites you into the world of wine, the experience of tasting and the passion of discovery.

Tour of the legendary Taverns:

By knowing where these tavern wines are consumed, we can understand that “knowing about wine” and “tasting” a wine is a great skill…. A wine specialist will show you the experience of admiring the miracle of production beneath a “veil of flowers” , of “tasting” and of trying out the varieties of wine and of noticing the scent of a wine cellar and the maturing barrels

” Every type of land and place gives a wine its character. The land is a gift of nature that allows man to achieve a final result in perfect symbiosis…. Non-conformism is the the driving force behind my research in considering the world of wine as a true form of culture. I am selecting wines for the traveller to enjoy at the wine tasting session Cata. I will choose special, full-bodied wines that are not made in any other part of the world and that are so connected to our land.”


Wine Tasting: We have chosen 4 different local wines: D.O. Montilla-Moriles and 3 full-bodied, sweet varieties. In this wine tasting session , we will show our guests the places of origin, the grapes, the types of wine that are obtained from them, how each are produced, the way they are grown under a veil of flowers, the maturation stage, and the methods in place for producing young and vintage wines….and, of course, we will taste these most typical of Cordoba wines!

Tour of the legendary Taverns: “knowing about wine” and “tasting” a wine is a great skill…

. Start of the Experience: 19:00 hours

Wine tasting: The “Barbarroja” wine collection, with Jose Carlos Luque

Tour of the legendary taverns of Cordoba

Bodega Guzman: Visit to the wine cellar. Tapas and wine. When: All year: from Monday to Sunday, excluding Thursdays.

Duration: Approximately 5 hours

Price per person: €45 (incl. tax)

Collection from your hotel ( optional) : 18:30 hours


• Transport: your choice of vehicle ( taxi, horse carriage, company car)

• 4 tapas and 4 glasses of wine during the tour

• Guide/companion throughout the entire tour

Taverns of Córdoba

The World of Wine


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