“As a host, I will show you how to see the real Cordoba and discover the other history it holds…. I invite you to fall in love with this beautiful city and I hope to encourage your desire to return to its charm”

With a degree in Art History and a knowledge of paintings, architecture, historical characters as well as the geography of the region, Pilar will share her diverse and deep understanding of our city, with energy, passion, sensitivity and fun.


Get to know the history of Cordoba through the creativity of Pilar de Gabrial, who skilfully unravels the vibrant mystery of the silent centuries, to unveil the full story of our city. This young Cordobes woman explores these other ” parallel histories” providing a definition to the metaphorical meaning that lies in the stones that embellish these stories. Her vitality and knowledge are the driving force behind creating a lasting Experience in memory of the visitor.

Alfonso Aroca

Jose Mari (Blanco Enea)

Jose Manuel Belmonte

Jose Carlos Luque (barbarroja)

Pilar de Gabriel Molina

  • Jose Manuel Belmonte
  • Jose Mari Blanco Enea
  • Alfonso Aroca