With Cordoba Incoming, you will get to know the genuine world of Flamenco – a far cry from the commercialised and stereotypical shows. “More than Flamenco” combines the innovative trends of our artistic roots with the more exclusive and genuine experience of our folk tradition. This exclusive programme begins with the Cordobes dancer, Rosario Vacas, who will skilfully guide you through an exclusive class, designed to show you Flamenco and its conceptual language. She will share the basic impulse that Flamenco provokes within us to introduce you to its different symbolic elements and palos. Let the passion break free within you and feel your body become a vehicle for emotional expression and experience the rush of Flamenco solemnity. The experience will be continued in a wonderful 14th Century Cordobes Patio, while you enjoy our deep-routed tradition of music and culinary delights. Be moved by Flamenco that is born of the moment and feel how a guitar can open up all of your senses. Enjoy the “fiesta” atmosphere and have fun in a genuine surrounding, where true art buds from the soul of folk.


Collection from your hotel : 17:30

Start of the ” More than Flamenco” programme: 18:30

When: From September to May

Duration of the “master class” with Rosario Vacas: 2 hours

Supper at the Patio Andaluz: from 20:30 onwards

Minimum of 4 people, maximum of 8.


Receive a Master Class in Genuien Flamenco

Flamenco Party and Supper in a Cordobes Patio


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