“Welcome to Blanco Enea. Feel at home with us”

“When I look at a work of art, I feel a special appreciation. The season and colour provide me with the necessary elements of understanding and draw me towards the creator, as if they were a client I would like to please. This is the inspiration behind this restaurant. I open my doors to you, I will create and become inspired for you….you will be surprised by my alchemy!”

Discover the cuisine of Blanco Enea: a combination of the purist concepts of our culinary tradition, with hints of Galician and Asian influences, within one of the most beautiful of Cordobes settings.

“You will take a relaxed horse carriage tour around the Fernandino Churches, whilst tasting the house house aperitif . You will try our traditional “salmorejo” with the subtle garnishing flavours . Enjoy yourself in Jose Mari’s house!

“The marriage of simplicity and sophistication give an expressive theme to the decoration of Casa Blanco Enea. Blue and white colours have been specifically chosen to accentuate this open atmosphere and give a refined regularity and order to the aesthetics. This gorgeous house replicates our River Guadalquivir, surrounded by rushes and vegetation. Blanco Enea offers you a different experience of Córdoba food.

Cordoba Incoming uses this pleasant new restaurant to fulfil the demand of this much needed creative cuisine. Our young entrepreneur opens his doors to Cordoba with the clear intention of creating an Institution. Past and present are at the root of Jose Mari’s work and the future is bold.

Alfonso Aroca

Jose Mari (Blanco Enea)

Jose Manuel Belmonte

Jose Carlos Luque (barbarroja)

Pilar de Gabriel Molina

  • Pilar de Gabriel
  • Jose Manuel Belmonte
  • Alfonso Aroca