Art is feelings and feelings are abstract, they cannot be touched. I try to materialise these feelings in my work. In truth, I am putting my soul, my “me” into my work.

Jose Manuel Belmonte (1964) is a Cordobés artist of international recognition. His talent unites his great working skills with pure tenacity, enabling him to achieve prodigious technical command and to develop a strong career in the field of sculpture, that has taken his work from Cordoba to the rest of Andalucia, Madrid, Greece, Belgium and Japan. His commitment to the Arts is shown in his sponsorship of the International Symposium of Sculpture, that has been taking place, year after year for nearly a decade.

The Cordobes nights are an accomplice to the memories and thoughts of this deep artist of great social consciousness. As a student, he was a challenge for his teachers, who couldn’t fail to be impressed and even challenged his work. Belmonte is a consequential, coherent artist, with a commitment to art and humanity, whose work is profound and provides a singularity to his analysis and his free spirited ways. The authenticity at the moment of conception and of tackling his work, is the true essence that awakens emotion in the spectator. Belmonte is a mature artist, who sculpts his own artistic career with a firm hand.

” Cordoba continues to preserve much of its past, its history, our idiosyncrasy and character…This has made it possible for us not to lose our customs, our folklore, our way of being, our street life.” “Cordoba has a special form of architecture: the patios, the facades with balconies, the colours – yellow and red ochre, white limestone-, two-storey houses. If I were a foreigner, I’d be blown away by seeing so many things!”

Alfonso Aroca

Jose Mari (Blanco Enea)

Jose Manuel Belmonte

Jose Carlos Luque (barbarroja)

Pilar de Gabriel Molina

  • Pilar de Gabriel
  • Jose Mari Blanco Enea
  • Alfonso Aroca
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