” I want to share a personal musical journey

” I would like to share the experience of a personal musical journey, that travels from my childhood to the present day; that is the passion for my homeland, for my people and for the respect that music deserves-music that is in the air and inside each and every one of us”

This young pianist merges Flamenco and Jazz, bringing new concepts that represent our natural destiny : Love, generosity, life, describing the reality of man and his world on a harsh and realistic level. He shows his ability to escape from his own emotions in favour of his ever increasingly valiant commitment that elevates his mastery to where bitterness, pain and resignation are converted into a delicate and beautifully emotive melody

.Alfonso Aroca’s skill lies in his use of words as well as in his respect for the naturally evolving style of Flamenco. With Alfonso Aroca, we receive our visit from exceptional visitor “el duende”, the spirit that takes over our very soul and invokes passion and powerful emotions within us from this most distinguished and exceptional musician. The respect for such a spectacular experience, warrants our best evening wear, our ” Sunday clothes”, as we say in Spain. This wonderful concert of the highest form of communication, makes us want to dress up in all our finery to witness it.

“It was a great honour to receive second place in the 52nd International Minas de la Union Song Contest.”

Alfonso continues to research, work and create, forging a new language and musical personality that is in continual development, having captured the spirit of the great masters that history has given us.

Today, he is the opening act for Alejandro Sanz’s 2013 tour of “La música no se toca”


Alfonso Aroca

Jose Mari (Blanco Enea)

Jose Manuel Belmonte

Jose Carlos Luque (barbarroja)

Pilar de Gabriel Molina

  • Pilar de Gabriel
  • Jose Manuel Belmonte
  • Jose Mari Blanco Enea